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You must provide a paragraph biography of your child for the performance playbill. Your child's playbill biograph description should not exceed 100 words. Kindly be advised that all material is subject to be edited for grammar, content, and space for the program. The playbill description should include the child's name, age, role as a dancer, school, career goals, acknowledgements and what they look forward to enjoying most about participating in the experience.

Sample Playbill Bio Paragraph
Bio Paragraph - Example: Kendra Cortez, Math Dancer (12) attends George Hampton Middle School in Woodbridge, VA. Since the age of six (6), Kendra has performed in numerous productions with CAPAC, the Kennedy Center, and Arena Stage. She loves dancing and hopes to be a professional dancer on Broadway in the future. Kendra would like to thank her family, friends, and CAPAC for their support. Kendra enjoyed meeting new friends, learning math through dance, and she's grateful for the opportunity to enhance her education, life skills, and community harmony through arts and sciences.

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